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This weekend is the Social Justice Sunday when the Australian Bishops issue the Social Justice Statement entitled "A Place at the Table: Social justice in an ageing society”. The statement highlights the significant contribution that older people continue to make to the life of the community. The number of Australians aged 65 and over will more than double from 3.6 million today to 8.9 million by the middle of the century. The Australian Bishops challenge a throwaway culture that casts older people as being burdensome or even dispensable. They strongly affirm the sanctity of life and call for a culture of compassionate care that values and protects people in their final years. The statement is available at

The Wedding Anniversary Mass will be celebrated in three weeks time on Friday, 14th October at 7.00pm in Paloma. If you and your family would like to join in the celebration of a significant wedding anniversary ending in a “0” or ”5” please contact the Parish office during the week and let them know that you wish to attend.

On the weekend of 8/9th October the Cathedral of St Stephen and St Stephen’s Chapel will participate in BOH. BOH celebrates the city’s architecture, giving visitors a rare insight into contemporary, historic and environmentally significant buildings in the heart of the city. View the display of Mary MacKillop artefacts in the
windows of Penola Place and follow the Mary MacKillop Walk (opened and blessed by Archbishop Mark Coleridge
on 8 August, the Feast Day of St Mary of the Cross MacKillop).

Our next Friendship Group meeting will be on Wednesday the 28th September at 9.30am in the Avocado Room of the Paloma Centre. Our guest speaker will be Rob Wintour, a Financial Planner from Argentis. He will outline the changes to the Social Security Asset Test which will come into effect from 1st January, 2017. The changes will affect all Centrelink pensions (aged, disability, carer payments, DVA). Hopefully, he will be able to help us better understand these changes and give advice on strategies to help us better cope in the future. The boxes for your nominations for the new committee will again be available.

I am extending an invitation to all parishioners at Sunnybank and Acacia Ridge to join and become part of the Friendship Group. It would be a real boost to our membership to have some younger people interested in joining us. To help any interested persons why not bring a friend along to either the next general meeting or next excursion. Enquiries: Peter Hoole (President) 3272 8421 or Dawn Angus (Vice President) 3711 9465.

The Memorial Mass to remember those who have passed away over the last twelve months will be held in Our Lady of Lourdes Church on Saturday, 5th November 2016 at 11:00am. If you have lost a family member or a friend and would like to attend this Mass, please contact the Parish Office by 27th October 2016 for a personal invitation to be sent to you. A rose for presentation at the altar will be provided for each family who confirms attendance at the Mass. There will be light refreshments in the Paloma Centre following the Mass for fellowship.

Our Lady of Lourdes, Sunnybank, Saturdays, 1.30- 3.00pm. Meeting dates: 1st, 15th and 29th October; 12th and 26th November; 3rd and 17th December.

If your child missed enrolling for the Sacrament of Reconciliation this year 2016, there will be another opportunity to receive this Sacrament in the first term of 2017. Only children who are in Year 4, 5 or 6 in 2017 are eligible. These children will join with the other children who received Reconciliation this year, and who will make their Confirmation and Eucharist later in 2017. If you wish to register, please ring the Parish Office on 3345 3766 for an appointment with Sr Stella. Interviews for enrolment start 12th October 2016. Enrolments close 19th January 2017.

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